Wall of Honor Criteria

About the Park Athletics Wall of Honor

(Purpose, Criteria, Committee Information and Nomination/Selection Processes)

The Park Athletic Wall of Honor is the highest honor bestowed by the Park University Athletic Department. The Park University Athletic Wall of Honor honors former Park student-athletes, coaches, teams and special contributors whose accomplishments have brought prestige and honor to the Park University Athletic Department.  All nominees to the Wall of Honor must be individuals of outstanding quality, high moral character, and fine leadership qualities and must be held in high esteem by their colleagues, coaches and athletes.

Honor Categories
All nominated candidates will be ranked in one of the following categories:
• Athlete
• Team
• Coach
• Athletic Administrator
• Meritorious Service

Nomination information for an athlete should include: Biographical sketch, three letters of support.
• Must be a graduate of Park University
• Must have been a Park University student-athlete for two years
• Athletes are not eligible for nomination until ten years after his/her final season of competition
Athletes who do not meet the top two criteria may be eligible for nomination by unanimous vote of the committee.

Nominees in the athlete category should have achieved at least one of the following:
• NAIA National Player of the Year
• NAIA First-Team All-America
• NAIA National Champion
• NAIA national record holder (single season or career)
• NAIA Second- or Third-Team All-American
• NAIA honorable mention All-America
• Conference player of the year
• Capital One First-Team Academic All-America
• National Tournament All-Tournament Team
• NAIA statistical leader
• Park University career record holder
• Other outstanding accomplishments after graduation

Nomination information for a team should include: Historical perspecitve and supporting information with documents detailing why the team should be considered for the Wall of Honor, three letters of support.

Team must have had an outstanding season in terms of win/loss record and post-season accomplishments or have had some other significant achievement as a team.
• NAIA National Championship
• Undefeated regular season
• NAIA top 10 ranking
• National Championship Runner-Up
• National Championship Semifinal
• Teams are not eligible until 10 years after the outstanding season.
*Up to one team will be inducted; except for 2015. An annual selection in this category is not mandatory
team who does not meet the above criteria may be eligible for nomination by unanimous vote of the committee.

Nomination information for a coach should include:  sports coached (with win/loss records), national championships competition by that coach's teams (with years and place finished) conference championships and national championships won by nominee's teams (with years), national honors received, committees or associations served and a biographical sketch.  In addition, three support letters should also be included with nomination with one of the letters from the nominator and two letters from other sources.
• Must uphold the ideals and philosophies of Park Athletics while striving to serve the best interest of intercollegiate athletics.  While winning championships might be a factor, the primary concern is a person's effect upon the student-athletes and fellow coaches he/she has influenced.
• Must have served at Park University for ten years and be at least five years removed from his or her position at Park University (wait period)
• A coach that has served for more than 20 years at Park University does not have to meet the 'wait period' and is eligible immediately upon retirement for nomination.
• Must have a compelling list of accomplishments relative to Park Athletics such as graduation rates, impact on department of sport beyond normal coaching scope, etc.
• Must have compiled a significant number of wins or produced a high winning percentage relative to the sports history.
*The ten year minimum requirement may be waived with unanimous vote of the committee.
*Up to one candidate will be inducted; except for 2015. An annual selection in this category is not mandatory.

Athletic Administrator
Nomination information for an athletic administrator should include: Biographical sketch and information on accomplishments at Park, three letters of support.

This category includes Directors of Athletics, Athletic Trainers, Sports Information Directors, and administrators other than coaches.
1. Athletic Accomplishment
• The person must render extraordinary service and leadership
• Direction of the overall program under their administration
• Facilities developed
• People hired
• Programs started/developed
• National achievement and involvement
• Length of distinguished service

2. Good Citizenship
• The individual must possess and shall have possessed such qualities as sportsmanship, character and integrity.  The individual must not have been convicted of or plead guilty to any criminal activity.

3. Service
• A minimum of ten years of distinguished service
*There is no prescribed 'wait period' for an eligible individual but he/she must have ended his/her tenure as an employee of Park University.
* For those individuals who do not meet the requirements of athletic accomplishment, nominees must meet the Good Citizenship and Minimum Years requirements.
*Up to one candidate will be inducted annually, except for 2015.  An annual selection in this category is not mandatory

Meritorious Service
Nomination information for a meritorious service candidate should include: Biographical sketch with information supporting service to Park University Athletics, three letters of support.

• Recipients must have provided distinguished service in a support role to Park University Athletics.
• Recipients must have been or are an advocate of Park University Athletics
• Recipients must be nominated by an administrator, coach, alumni or friend of the university
• Recipients do not need to be a graduate of Park University
• Recipients do not have to have participated in varsity athletics at Park University
• Recipients cannot be a current employee of Park University
*Up to one candidate will be inducted; except for 2015. An annual selection in this category is not mandatory

Committee: (appointed by the Director of Athletics with approval from University's President)
• Director of Athletics- Chair (or his/her designee)
• Vice President for University Relations and Development (or his/her designee)
• Assistant Athletic Director for Sports Communications - Committee Secretary/Research Agent
• Three at-large members (two of these members will be replaced with Wall of Honor members in two years)
• Two former athletes (male/female)
• Faculty Athletics Representative (appointed by Director of Athletics, approved by University President)
• Two current students (male and female members of Student-Athlete Advisory Committee)
* The committee reserves the right to remove a member from the Wall of Honor based on a 70 percent vote of the committee members. Removal is a serious action and should only be considered as a last resort in cases of conviction for a felony crime or other egregious conduct reflecting poorly on Park University.

Nomination and Selection
• Alumni, coaches, students, faculty, staff, and friends of Park University may nominate
• Nominations for induction in 2018 are due April 1, 2018.
• All nominations must be directed to the Chair of the Selection Committee
• To declare each nominated individual eligible, the committee researcher (Associate Athletic Director/Media Relations and Compliance, research designee) will validate the nominee's credentials and past record
• Nominees are then compared by merit and credentials across categories
• The Committee will discuss all nominees before voting and recommending to the Chair
• A successful inductee must receive 70 percent of the committee's votes to become a member of the Park University Wall of Honor.
• Nominations stay active for three (3) years at which time the nomination ceases. The same athlete may then be re-nominated through proper procedures for the subsequent three (3) year consideration term.
• Self-nomination is prohibited and self-nominations will not be considered.
• Wall of Honor committee is able to make exceptions to any criteria via unanimous vote.
• A Wall of Honor nominee may be deceased and nominated posthumously.