Baldwin City, Kan. – Christian Skinner led the way for the men's cross country team at the Maple Leaf Invitational, while Morgan Lindgren led the way for the women's cross country team. The men's team finished first place out of 10 teams, while the women's team finished fourth out of eight teams.

"We are excited about how we ran today," said head coach Brian Renshaw. "We are looking forward to the days ahead of us."


Skinner won the overall 5K race with a time of 15:57.10, while his teammate, Nicholas Rotich, finished second with a time of 16:03.72. William Henry finished in fourth place with a time of 16:19.38. The Pirates' Brendan Briody and Joshua Goodloe finished rounded out the top five runners. Briody placed 19th with a time of 17:15.38, while Goodloe finished in 20th with a time of 17:16.96.


Lindgren placed 16th in the 4K race with a time of 16:20.55, while her teammate, Vibian Chemeli, was three spots behind her. Chemeli had a time of 16:27.63. The next Pirate to cross the finish line was Mary Beth Daniels with a time of 16:40.41. Rachel Franklin was seven seconds behind Daniels, while her teammate, Kaitlyn McNeely, rounded out the top five runners.


The Pirates will be back in action on Friday, September 8, as they head to Lamoni, Iowa, to compete in the Graceland University Invitational. The women's race starts at 5 p.m., while the men's race starts 5:45 p.m.